List of products by manufacturer Nathalie Fordeyn

Nathalie Fordeyn has always been inspired by surrealism and minimalism. She loves to create an imaginary world, one that is not merely fantasy but also a world parallel to ours, blended into our society. To illustrate this, in each collection of Nathalie Fordeyn, a story is created, a story that could be fictional or related by reality. In some cases, both worlds are harmoniously combined. The new born stories became the great inspiration in creating cuts for garments, print design and most importantly the atmosphere of the collection. The brand focuses on bringing innovative material and fabric, in creating unique design for garments and accessories but mostly in keeping the attention on high quality and great comfort.

As a young brand, the attention on the environment and humans’ rights are one of the details they really care about. By working only with supplier’s and producer’s companies that have the awareness on the environmental and humans rights issue this allows us, as a brand to try to make a difference in today’s fashion industry.

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