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  • Blune

    There's a brunette (brune in French), Laurence, and there's also a blonde, Eve...

    Their different hair colors make no difference, having formed a firm friendship since meeting at the benches of Penninghen schools. The same tastes, the same ambitions and the same bond produced Blune, a brand new color in fashion. A color that took on its definitive shade with the arrival of Julie, another brune(tte). They designed reworked classics with a touch of lightness, poetry and humor... It's a fashion for today's girls, whom no one tells what to do and who assert their right to be mothers and women at the same time; girls who play with models and conventions.

  • Cuisse de Grenouille

    Cuisse de Grenouille sources its inspirations from the vintage 60’s and by giving it a new freshness, propose timeless basics models.

    The brand was founded by two brothers, Lucas and Severin, parisians and fond of the gentlemen surfers 60s look. It's also many icons from this era that fascinate them such as Steve McQueen or Robert Redford.

    From these inspirations was born in 2010 the 1st board shorts collection with the fit of the gentlemen surfers and accessories essentials for a casual elegant look.

    Seasons after seasons Cuisse de Grenouille has developed its offer and proposes today a total look. More than a clothing brand, Cuisse de Grenouille provides a whole lifestyle (Books, surf boards, sunglasses…)

    A special care is given to choose high quality fabrics and a specific know how per family of products. All is made in Europe.

    Since its creation, Cuisse de Grenouille regularly makes products in collaboration with other brands that fit in the same lifestyle (CADOT, SOLUDOS…) and offers exclusives products as the board short for the Parisian Hotel COSTES.

  • Faubourg 54

    Faubourg 54 is a story of friendship, of fun, of adventures and mental journeys to discover something that we still haven't quite found. Passion is what leads us, love inspires us and irony fills and drives us on Nothing you see here at Faubourg 54 is here by chance, there's a key behind every captured

  • French Disorder

    French Disorder was launched in 2013 and is a French brand designed in FranceThey are creating amazing casual wear for men and women and they are printing trends messages and print to have ludic and unique goods.

    A special care is given to choose high quality fabrics and a specific know how per family of products. The creation is based in Bordeaux.

  • Les Tatillonnes

    Gaia, founder at Les Tatillonnes is a French women finding the inspiration in her family.

    She is designing geometric Jewelry and all the collection is handmade in France.

    She likes to mix Plexiglas and gold finishing to offer a feminine and arty collection.

  • Maison Guillemette

  • Marilyn Feltz

    Couturier Marilyn Feltz has been caught up in something of a fabulous fashion whirlwind over the past year. Since founding her eponymous womenswear label along with her husband, Alexis Gaffuri, she quickly moved on to launching an e-boutique last October. However, her vintage-tinged designs, which meld old-school Hollywood glamour with modern-day aesthetics, have proven so popular with the city’s stylistas, that only six months later Marilyn has been compelled to unveil her first brick-n-mortar store on historic covered shopping strip, passage du Bourg l’Abbé.

    The boutique’s boudoir-esque setting of damask wallpaper, red-painted floorboards and a tufted velvet sofa forms the perfect sultry backdrop to enjoy Marilyn’s ultra-feminine RTW collection. Browse the carefully curated racks of figure-flattering jacquard dresses, flowy silk blouses, and frou-frou frocks detailed with gold guipure lace and handstitched tulle embroidery. But where does that staircase in the back lead, you may ask? Well, it winds up to none other than Marilyn’s atelier, where skilled craftsmen use some of the country’s finest fabrics to create 100% French originals. Swoon !

  • Mohekann

    Mohekann takes inspiration from the tribal designs to create multicolored patterned bags based on an ‘urban’ code of their own.

    A code whose bedrock lies in the Enneagram of Personality, a secret doctrine describing nine visions of the world and nine different ways of thinking, feeling and acting. They are bags in leather patchwork, with different textures, graphic shapes and bright or contrasting colours. They have a strong identity, as opposed to an all-purpose bag and they define the moment and the state of mind of the person wearing them.Sourcing all its raw materials in France, all the collection is handmade in a small manufacture specialized in high end leather goods for European market.

  • Nathalie Fordeyn

    Nathalie Fordeyn has always been inspired by surrealism and minimalism. She loves to create an imaginary world, one that is not merely fantasy but also a world parallel to ours, blended into our society. To illustrate this, in each collection of Nathalie Fordeyn, a story is created, a story that could be fictional or related by reality. In some cases, both worlds are harmoniously combined. The new born stories became the great inspiration in creating cuts for garments, print design and most importantly the atmosphere of the collection. The brand focuses on bringing innovative material and fabric, in creating unique design for garments and accessories but mostly in keeping the attention on high quality and great comfort.

    As a young brand, the attention on the environment and humans’ rights are one of the details they really care about. By working only with supplier’s and producer’s companies that have the awareness on the environmental and humans rights issue this allows us, as a brand to try to make a difference in today’s fashion industry.

  • Tammy and Benjamin

    Often unique, always limited, TAMMY & BENJAMIN creations exist through their vintage allure and simple lines.

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