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  • Anamnesi

    Freedom lies in being bold !
      • Our clothes are 100% made in Greece, with love and attention to detail.

    We like to be bold, to make the first move, to do things differently.

    Inspired by our everyday life and experiences, we created a line of extraordinary ready-to-wear womenswear, classic pieces with an edgy twist and a hint of nostalgia.

    For each collection, we work alongside local artisans and young design professionals to create our signature prints and garments. Vivid colours, playful patterns and high quality materials fascinate us. aims to dress women with attitude and effortless sophistication. Our clothes aim to please, to comfort and to create a happier everyday life.

  • Arlette & Paulette

    French elegance and the know-how of three women !

      • Our clothes are 100% made in Francewith love and attention to detail.

    At the origin of ARLETTE and PAULETTE, there is Capucine and her memories with her grandmother Arlette and her grand aunt Paulette.

    It is in the greatest respect of materials, that the hands of Capucine and his small team work beautiful materials, materials with a beautiful fallen.

    ARLETTE and PAULETTE is a line of clothing that includes women and wants to offer them the aesthetics, comfort and elegance it deserves.

    Modern, timeless with positive energy, the brand carefully chooses the materials that it works and the workshops with which it collaborates to manufacture the production.

  • Blune

    Blune is the name you get, when you combine blonde and brunette !
      • Designed for you in Paris and carefully tailored in Europe.

    Eve is the blonde. Laurence, the brunette.

    Blune is built on two women with the same fashion sense, the same desires and drive, accomplices in everything, in other words, a colour still unknown in the world of fashion. 

    This colour was further perfected and nalised when Julie, another brunette, joined the team. 

    Between these three friends, combining the distinct worlds of design, luxury and marketing, paved the way for a unique collection, vision and brand identity. They reimagine classic looks, infusing them with a quirkypoetic and relaxed touch.

  • Bonanza

    The concept: ostentatious jewels synonymous with femininity assumed !

      • The style of past eras, from the 60's to the 90's is the primary source of inspiration for the development of their collection.

    Each collection is then approached on a theme that is dear to them: nature and more particularly the spirit and warmth of the South, the commitment of women to the feminist cause ...

    The choice of materials and textures is essential in their process of creation, they privilege raw materials of golden color in order to keep the authenticity and beauty of the raw materials.

  • Capsule Collection by Juliette

    Look amazing with this typical French touch of chic !

      • Made in U.A.E with love

    The jumpsuit, so simple and chic. Then many dresses, skirts, trousers and tops in subtle to vivid colors… All in the softest fabric, made out of silk and viscose, because our skin deserves the best. A collection of essential basics, utterly elegant, flattering and so pleasant to wear.

    Our mothers had the little black dress. We, modern Shivas, have the effortless chic jumpsuit by Capsule Collection by Juliette.

  • Cuisse de Grenouille

    Cuisse de Grenouille sources its inspirations from the vintage 60’s and by giving it a new freshness, propose timeless basics models !

      • Designed for you in Paris and all is made in Europe.

    The brand was founded by two brothersLucas and Severin, parisians and fond of the gentlemen surfers 60s look. It's also many icons from this era that fascinate them such as Steve McQueen or Robert Redford.

    Seasons after seasons Cuisse de Grenouille has developed its offer and proposes today a total look. More than a clothing brand, Cuisse de Grenouille provides a whole lifestyle (Books, Surf boards, Sunglasses…)

    special care is given to choose high quality fabrics and a specific know how per family of products. 

    Since its creation, Cuisse de Grenouille regularly makes products in collaboration with other brands that fit in the same lifestyle (CADOT, SOLUDOS…) and offers exclusives products as the board short for the Parisian Hotel COSTES.

  • Elise Tsikis

    To offer itself a piece Elise Tsikis Paris, it's to offer itself the French know-how soaked with mixed history..

      • Designed for you in Paris.

    Everything begins around the material, without trends nor diktats, collections build up themselves instinctively, with for only red wire...

    The Nature

    " I am very meticulous and patient when I created, I can spend days on a product to look for its correctness.
    The idea to find of the sense, emotion, is a part of permanent questionings of the brand. "

    Expect statement earrings, delicate necklaces made for layering and elegant bracelets with timeless appeal.

  • Faubourg 54

    Because they inspire us and bousculate the lines of a plural fashion that looks them !
      • Dreamed for you in Paris and all is made in Italia

    Faubourg 54 is a story of friendship between Virginia & Laurie, of fun, of adventures and mental journeys to discover something that we still haven't quite found.

    Passion is what leads us, love inspires us and irony fills and drives us on Nothing you see here at Faubourg 54 is here by chance, there's a key behind every captured. 

    T-shirts are 100% organic cotton.

  • Flolove

    Florence founded the Parisian brand, Flolove Paris. A poetically named project that yet holds flippancy and the signature of authenticity for its creative limited edition collections ! 

      • Designed for you in Paris and carefully tailored in France.

    All of our products are embroidered in a small atelier in Picardy, 100% made in France.
    We work since the beginning hand by hand with the same craftsmen, chosen for their know-how.

    Based on trust relationship that we developed with our suppliers, enables us to provide the optimal quality. Our collections ale always in limited editions what makes your purchases one of a kind.

    Florence is getting her inspiration from the sweet sensuality of flowers.

  • Karavan

    "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

      • Designed in Greece, manufactured by local craftsmen and artisans, provided by high quality raw materials.

    We are the Karavaners, some contemporary nomads, designing clothes and stuff to accompany you through your everyday stroll.  

    We create our very own patterns and designs for women of an exploratory nature; daring through bohème, easy-going through exquisite, intellectual through spirited.

    Designated to travel all around the world, Karavan clothing is here to be worn by every girl and woman longing to feel motivated, special and loved.

  • Laura Laval

    " In a globalized fashion that loses its essence, I wish to reaffirm the French artisanal creation."

      • Creating an ethical and feminine brand was the heart of this project. My ambition is to offer all women a French clothing, elegant, ethical, quality and accessible.  

    I propose a modern wardrobe that combines elegance and femininity. Each creation is a search to sublimate a material play with its texture and to explore all its aspects.

    The subtlety of lace, the discovery of new prints: The floral inspiration is at the heart of my pieces. Small collections made with love in limited editions. 100% Made in France.

    A Parisian craft workshop accompanies me in the design in small series of my collections.

    The art of detail is essential. I choose materials myself to ensure optimal product quality.

  • Les Tatillonnes

    Gaia, founder at Les Tatillonnes is a French women " finding the inspiration in her family "

      • She is designing all the collection is handmade in France.

    The Tatillonnes are brass jewels gilded with fine gold (24 carats). The thickness of the brass is 0.8mm, which explains the extreme lightness of the jewelry. Plexiglass, meanwhile, comes from the United States and is the result of a long and valuable research.

    She likes to mix Plexiglas and gold finishing to offer a feminine and arty collection

    The manufacture is artisanal and in limited series, which makes each jewel a rather rare piece. Each jewel is an original piece imagined with a lot of love.

Showing 1 - 12 of 22 items